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I love TV. Especially shows with lawyers. Lawyer-35I think that more people during the 90s decided to go to law school because of shows that presented working environment of lawyers. I personally like the most Boston Legal. It’s a funny show set up in a legal firm in Boston. It has many creative funny characters and it lasted for five seasons. It had an interesting cast with some comedy veterans, such as William Shatner, Candice Bergen and James Spader. They are successful law firm, but what are differences from the real life? I want to ask a question, could they exist in real life? Or maybe a better question, how can we know who is a good lawyer? Here are a few tips you should know, when you need to choose a lawyer.

judges court gavel being pounded on a lawbookKnow your information
For starters, you are a lawyer that passed all his exams and has his legal right to defend your client. However, laws and rules are changing from time to time, so if you think that the part of your life when you are learning is finished, you are wrong. You must keep yourself up to date, because that can be crucial for your future cases.

Research is important Although you think that you are an expert for your area of law, time to time you can stumble upon a specific case that you have never encountered before in your career. Research can help you to find a solution for your case. Especially if you look to a fact that legal research has dramtically changed a lot trough years.

Oral communication
Like in movies and TV shows, all lawyers (well, at least the successful ones) have great social skills, whether talking to the court or the customers that need service. They must be able to state a client’s position to the court, to interrogate a witness (in polite way), to debate with a jury, maybe even harass the opponent, and convince clients that they are the right choice for hiring.Joined in business

This includes everything that you did. Where you studied, your first jobs, how successful were you in your previous cases, experience, previous mentorships… Everything counts.

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