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You have to go to court and you want some good representation. stocklawimageOk, but what do you know about law and their servants. You watched some movies and you think they will be some inspirational characters, or worse, they will be some sleezy guys trying to get more money from you. I don’t know your case or what kind of lawyer you need, but I can help you with some interesting facts about lawyers that can be good advantage in your negotiations.

Did you know that an attorney can, under certain circumstances, dismiss your case without even appearing in the court. Matter of fact lawyers are not obliged to go to the court always to conclude the case. Transactional attorneys for example can finish your case without going to the court and also without your appearing the courtroom. This is very helpful if your case is of this nature.

imagesDid you also know that an attorney cannot become an attorney until he scores the good results on the test of ethics. As a matter of a fact, lawyers must pass this MRPC test – meaning that attorneys must give you a proper representation and legal protection in the court. This is maybe the first question you should ask your future representative.

And the most important thing is you should trust your lawyer. Not because he is a good guy. It’s because you have with your lawyer attorney-client privilege that is the basis of the lawyer’s work. In a nutshell you can freely be honest and confident with the attorney. Honesty will give the easier access to better representation by your lawyer on the court, meaning that you have bigger chances for good defense. For example, attorneys cannot disclose the details of your case with anyone except you, even if you confess to a crime. Unless you had intent to cause someone else harm. If you need some help contact  orange county family law attorney.